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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pinecone Research: Brief Review

I have been a member of Pinecone research for almost 2 years and I like the way they operate. Other survey companies have left me feeling as though I have wasted my time, especially when there is a survey error and I don't receive payment.

Pinecone research pays you within 1-2 weeks via check after survey completion for every survey. You are paid within 1 day via Paypal. No waiting to reach a certain threshold amount before cashing out, and no waiting 8-10 weeks for payment. Take a survey, get paid $3 for each survey. That's it, and you get to influence new products and developments along the way. Update: They now offer prizes too, so you can either save up to get an item, or cash out at $3.

Pinecone is not so easy to sign up for, as they are selective depending on what populations they need. However, once you can get in, you receive several surveys per month.

Today, they made my day. They sent me a GIGANTIC product for testing. It was incredible! I can't mention anything due to the confidential nature of product testing, but Pinecone is definitely one of my favorite survey sites now.

I wanted to share with you since I know there are many survey takers out there. Give Pinecone Research a try. Also, I would recommend you carefully read reviews and postings on which lists the top 10 survey sites, along with reviews for which ones to stay away from. Have you signed up for Pinecone research, and if so, do you enjoy it?

What has been  your worst experience with survey companies?