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Friday, October 11, 2013

Margot Manhattan Breast Cancer Awareness

A large part of what makes Breast Cancer Awareness month successful are the people who support this cause with their dedication, passion, and conscientious actions. It is worth celebrating when a designer brings creativity to a worthy cause with an image that is now universal with the breast cancer cause.

Have you heard of Margo Manhattan? Margo is the original designer of the pink breast cancer awareness pin, that we all see in many breast cancer campaigns, and even designed the pin for Estee Lauder's Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It is without a doubt that when you see or hear about breast cancer awareness, this pink pin is associated with that awareness.

Margo Manhattan's reputation as a passionate and socially aware designer, puts her passion for philanthropy into her art by bringing social consciousness up a notch with every decade that she continues to bring her designs to life.

Margo Manhattan-BreastCancerAwareness-Relay

Margo's visionary designs to date continue to live on in the jewelry she designs. This month, a portion of all sales will go towards Breast Cancer Research.

Margo Manhattan Pink Ribbon


All proceeds from the sales of the Pink Ribbon will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Margo Manhattan Meridian Bracelet

All proceeds from the sales of the Meridian Bracelet will benefit The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

We would like you to join us in this Powerful and Beautiful effort to celebrate life by making a Small Change for a more vibrant and healthier living this month. Please remember to complete your regular breast self-exams each month.

Please share the message below with your loved ones and with those for whom you care:

Thank you for reading and if you have a story about breast cancer to share, I would love to hear it!

Also, a big thank you to Margo Manhattan and Celebrate Woman Today for their support of breast cancer.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Tip #1

We are surrounded by beauty and health products loaded with chemicals that are not good for our health. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to feature non-toxic and effective products for your well-being.

Phresh Deodrant comes in several fragrances without the harsh chemicals you see in typical deodorants.

The tip for the day is to use an effective deodorant that is natural, as those chemicals are being absorbed into your armpits, and its close proximity to your chest area makes it risky. This is also good to keep in mind if you breastfeed. Remember, everything we apply to the skin gets absorbed!

Check out Phresh Deodorant and Celebrate Woman Today to check out the product and to get their take on natural health.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Volcanica Candles Breast Cancer Awareness

There is nothing I love more than a long-lasting handcrafted candle to brighten up my home. Our family has been going through a lot lately, and any chance to make our home more livelier is more than enough to remind me that there brighter days, no matter how many hardships we currently face.

Volcanica Candles is a company that creates handcrafted candles which lasts more than 100 hours. They are in support of Celebrate Woman Today's Breast Cancer Awareness Relay. As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I love the fact that these pink candles are a great way to celebrate. Part of Volcanica Candles' proceeds during Breast Cancer Awareness will go towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Check out Celebrate Woman Today's Volcanica Candle post. You can definitely see the intricate level of craftmanship that goes into each candle. These candles would make great gifts for the holidays, and I would also love to see these candles be given to breast cancer patients and survivors.

Vase candle from Volcanica Candles