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Time-Saving Beauty Tips: Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wondered how some women have the most beautiful-looking eyelashes? Some women are born with amazing lashes, but most of us do not have naturally curly or dramatic-looking lashes.

Eyelash extensions have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. As women, we are constantly on the go, but we also have societal expectations to look our best when we're doing a million things during our day. 

Eyeliner and mascara have become a way of life for me. If you are a constant eyeliner and mascara wearer like me, you know how time-consuming this is in the morning and most days saving time is critical to my routine.

I looked into eyelash extensions to save time and I was getting tired of applying eyeliner and mascara day in and day out. There are many beauty-enhancing methods out there, but as long as you are enhancing your natural beauty with methods you are comfortable with and that are not harmful to your health, then I don't see any problems with it.

My experience with eyelash extensions have been positive. Since last year, I have had five eyelash extension applications. The most important tip I have for anyone interested in getting extensions is to find someone who is certified, professional, and has nothing but positive reviews from other clients!

I have been seeing a Novalash certified expert for the past year. There are different kinds of eyelashes, and it all depends on your preferences. For me, Novalash works with my eyes because I have weak, straight-down-to-the-ground lashes and they are able to hold the Novalash extensions very well.

The process is simple. The eyelash beautician applies one lash to each of your lashes, which takes anywhere from 1 - 1.5 hours. After your lashes are applied, do not get them wet for at least 12 hours. To preserve mine, I don't get them wet for 48 hours. 

Eyelash extensions can last anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks depending on your lash cycle, what type you get, and what kind of job your beautician does. You can choose from a variety of lashes, which range from natural to more dramatic or curly. 

As with all beauty treatments, some individuals may have an allergic reaction to the glue that is used. I am an all-around sensitive person, but haven't had any reactions. It's always best to ask the beautician if they have a glue available for sensitive people.

Keep in mind that how long your lashes last will depend on your natural lash cycle. Eyelash extensions can be costly; each appointment costs me approximately $150, but this is worth it because it takes at least 30 minutes out of my prep time in the morning. I also am not applying the gunk from eyeliner and mascara to my eyes. 

Eyelash extensions last anywhere from 2-3 months for me. Time is valuable to me since I work 3 jobs, so if time is more important to you than money, I would highly recommend getting eyelash extensions. 

To sum it up:


- Simple and easy to maintain
- Saves time 
- Enhances your natural beauty
- You can change the look and style of your lashes (natural, dramatic, curly)
- No need to apply eyeliner or mascara


- For high quality lashes, can be expensive
- May not last long depending on your natural lash cycle
- Some may have a reaction to the glue that is used

Please remember to find a trusted expert for eyelash extensions and DO NOT find cheaper alternatives. I have heard from countless women how their natural lashes were ruined, or a sloppy job clumped their eyelashes together. 

As women we deserve to look and feel our best through whichever methods we like. If you have any questions about eyelash extensions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will respond!


Lose Weight for Less than $5

With New Year's resolutions, I thought I would update this post to help those that want to shed some extra pounds. This worked so well for me and it cost me only $4.99 for the workout regimen. The iPhone app/fitness website is free! 

Have you been struggling to lose those extra pounds that don't seem to go away no matter how much you diet? By following the steps below, I lost 17 lbs. in the last few months and I'm continuing to lose weight. I also saved a ton of money by not getting gym memberships.  

1. Calorie Control 
Using the Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by, I recorded every meal and workout completed. This free app from the Itunes store lets you set your weight loss goals, how many calories you should consume based on that goal, and details every step of your progress. Thousands of meals are already listed to save you time on entering every meal. If you don't have an Iphone or Ipad, you can use to record your calories.

 2. Workouts 
 No trip to the gym helped me to lose weight until I started circuit training 2-3 times a week.  Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shredcombines cardio, abs, and strength training for an effective 30 minute workout. The 30 Day Shred is inexpensive and is available in both DVDand online streaming formats. You'll need dumbbells and a yoga mat (if working out on a hardwood surface) for this workout.

Get the DVD for $6.99:

The digital version is $4.99:

This was the best $4.99 I've ever spent in my life. I feel healthier and I have more energy thanks to this highly targeted workout. This workout comes with 3 steps, so when one step gets too easy, you move on to the next. It's like getting 3 workouts for the price of 1!

3. Everything in Moderation
Thanks to the calorie counter, I am more aware of what I choose to eat. It's important to know that junk food is ok every now and then, so don't feel guilty about indulgences once in awhile.

Foods like apples and pears are good snacks that are low in calories and high in nutrients. Salads or lettuce are extremely low in calories (just 10-15 calories for 1 cup) and is a great meal for those days you know you'll be eating out.

There are many options out there to lose weight. Be mindful of what you are eating, make the most of your workouts, and keep everything in moderation. Good luck!

*I am not sponsored by these products. These products worked for me and I wanted to spread the word. 

Stress-Less Tip  of the Week:

After the stressful commute, getting the kids to school, or rushing to work, here is a relaxing tip I use daily:

Think about one thing that makes you happy. Your pet's adorable face, your child's smile, a spouse's hug; focus on that one thing. Breathe slowly and take in deep breaths. Now imagine your heart. Continue breathing slow and steady for 1 minute.

This may sound silly, but it works wonders for relieving stress and for clearing your thoughts before a hard task. Give it a try!


Stress-Less Tip  of the Week:

If you see people falling asleep on the road, laugh really loud and stare at them. It can help prevent accidents! :)

Here is a stress-less tip that might help you!

Start a stress journal

A stress journal helps to identify what stresses you out each day and what you do to deal with the stress. Whenever you feel stressed, write it down or type it on your computer:
  • The cause of your stress
  • How did you feel physically and emotionally?
  • How did you respond?
  • What did you do to make yourself feel better?


Korres Face Primer Review

Sephora had a sale a few months ago that offered 2 Korres face primers for the price of 1. I stocked up enough to last me in case I get robbed. At least I'll have my dignity and well-hidden primers. Nothing more dangerous than a robber who likes to look good on your dime.

I love this primer because it's silicone-free, is 99% natural, and is formulated with antioxidants and vitamin E. If you have sensitive skin like me, ANYTHING will break me out. Silicone primers feel disgusting and greasy. They make my T-zone shine like bright lights in a football stadium. Except my T-zone doesn't look as exciting.

If you wear mineral, powder, or liquid foundation, primer is a MUST. The Korres face primer's formula is not thick or oily. It's more of a lightweight cream and almost resembles a moisturizer.

Apply this primer over your moisturizer or sunscreen. Some beauty experts also suggest that applying face primer at night over your moisturizer or night treatment helps seal the product so your skin will absorb it more.

A must have for anyone with sensitive or dry skin, skin that's prone to breakouts, or anyone who wants a natural primer that doesn't have parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances, sulfates, Tryclosan, PPG, MEA, DEA, TEA, and Formaldehyde Donors --> these pose potential risks to your health. 

I'm not sponsored for this review and I bought these primers out of my own pockets.

What's my rating?

4.5 out of 5  (minus .5 for the price, but primers are usually expensive anyway)
One tube will last me 4-5 months

Check out the Korres face primer here


Living with Rosacea

   Rosacea is a problem I've had to live with since I was young. Every time I went outside and there was wind blowing, my face would turn -red- and become really blotchy, not to mention itchy and puffy. It scared the neighborhood kids and it scared me half to death.

   Ever since then, I've been on a quest to find treatments for my rosacea on my own. There is no cure, and the research is not as extensive as what has been presented for acne. Often those suffering from rosacea and even dermatologists will mistake rosacea for acne since rosacea can present bumps and breakouts along with redness. Always get a 2nd opinion on your skin and don't trust 1 person's judgment.

Dermatologists in the past diagnosed and treated me for acne. Now my skin is discolored from the Retinol products AND red. I probably added 10 years of damage to my liver by taking the cycline medications (tetracycline, and some others).

Since I can't cure it, I try to ease it with certain products. I also figured out that I have pityrospirum folliculitis, which produces similar symptoms as acne. You can treat these acne-like symptoms with ketoconazole shampoo!

Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Crème, 1.7 Ounce combines a redness easing ingredient with a green tint in the lotion which helps to cover up the redness. This lotion is non-comedogenic, has SPF 15, and is oil-free.
This is a great choice for anyone who doesn't wear makeup or foundation. It does make my skin pale, but I use loose powder over it and it works.

There is also a Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Crème, 1.7 Ounce . I prefer the day lotion when my rosacea is at its worst, but use this once in awhile. The reason why I like Eucerin's products are because they're affordable (not as expensive as other rosacea targeting products) and they're great for sensitive skin.

Another redness relief product is Eucerin Soothing Cleanser, Redness Relief, 6.8 oz. This cleanser is very mild. I use it during winter months when my skin is very dry. It doesn't dry out skin or gives you a tight skin feeling.

Always apply SPF before going out in the sun. The exposure to sunlight can make rosacea worse.

Vitamin D can ease rosacea so be sure to include this in your daily diet.

It is difficult to pinpoint why rosacea develops, but anything can be contributing factors. Weather, diet and exercise, stress, and skin care products can play a major role in controlling your skin.

What is your experience with rosacea or skin redness? Do you often feel judged or embarrassed by this condition?


  1. I like your Stress Less tip of the week. I too have rosacea and hate the redness. My dr prescribed a ointment for me to use but it does nothing to relieve the redness. Not sure why he wants me to use it. I guess it's to keep from breaking out worse. I have actually stopped using it because I don't see where it is helping. He did tell me it is NOT to get rid of the redness. Makeup does wonders and I can usually keep it covered.

  2. Would love the calorie tracker and to lose weight for less than $5

  3. Would love the calorie tracker and to lose weight for less than $5

  4. I really thought the eyelash article was helpful! Thank you!

  5. I like the Stress-Less Tip of the Week: We all can use tips to help with stress.

  6. Lately my husband and I have been experiencing more than our usual stress his job me taking care of elderly mother. I read your stress tips to him-very helpful

  7. I just bought one of those eucerin products yesterday. I haven't tried it yet but looking forward to. My face gets chapped from the dry air and wind this time of the year which makes it red, mostly on my cheeks so I got this to try to see if it will work.

  8. I have never in my life heard about as eye lash extension. Thats amazing. Never knew hmmmm....Im 52 now, wonder if Im too old now lol


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