Monday, July 24, 2017

Groupon Coupons Money Saving Ideas

I've been using Groupon for years, and always find a great deal on concert tickets, home items, and even massage services. I came across Groupon Coupons, and wanted to see if the same deal saving still applied!

Normally, whenever I shop online, I manually search for promo codes, deals, or coupons that I can apply to my order. With Groupon Coupons, all the deals are in one place and it's as simple as selecting the store with the coupon code.
I shop often at JCPenney, so I found these JCPenney coupons and they saved me a huge chunk of change off my order, plus free shipping! With back to school shopping already in full swing, I had to make a pit stop at JCPenney for the family (and also a quick shopping trip for me too!).

Go to the Groupon Coupon page first, click through to the retailer of your choice, and double up on your savings!

Right now, JCPenney has a sale for 30% off plus free shipping, which is listed in the Groupon Coupon page. There are other useful deals such as 80% off clearance items, and $10 off $50 back to school shopping for the kids.

I also use these deals to buy backpacks for the kids in our community, so this is a great opportunity for helping a child with backpacks and school supplies!

There are over 9,000 retailers on Groupon Coupons, which makes shopping a breeze with the one stop shop approach to saving money. Check out Groupon Coupons before your shopping trips, to see how much you can save!

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