Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hollywood Wax Museum

Last month, I took a trip to Los Angeles and Hollywood for the first time! A few places were recommended to me, including the Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Guinness World Records Museum, so we checked that out during our vacation.

The best part about the wax museum is that they have props for many of the wax figures, and you can take fun pictures! I have endless amounts of pictures with Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, President Obama, Morgan Freeman, and so much more.

The wax museum is definitely something to check out if you are taking a trip to Hollywood. These lifelike wax figures were so much fun to take pictures with, and I'm so glad I checked this place out!

I love museums, no matter what kinds or how quirky. The Guinness World Records museum was really entertaining. So many random facts, not only about people, but about where they came from, where they lived, and how they lived their lives.

There were also figures in this museum, and Yao Ming was pretty tall! I felt like an ant next to him.

The Hollywood Wax Museum and the Guinness World Records Museum are great places to bring your family to, when on vacation to the LA area.

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