Thursday, March 12, 2015

Coobie Bras Review

With everything that is going on in my life right now, one of the most important aspects of life to me is my comfort. Even when my days are 14-16 hours long, I still manage to remain comfortable, thanks to Coobie!

Coobie bras are designed to be amazingly comfortable, supportive, and best of all - affordable. I came across Coobie bras after searching for products that would ease my shoulder pain. Traditional bras became a hassle and my shoulders ached at the end of a long day. I received two Coobie bras, one in black and one in red.

When I first saw their slogan "the most comfortable ever?" I was hesitant. After all, if you make such a claim, be prepared to live up to it with my rigorous testing! These bras come in "one size fits all," along with a full size range for those who need additional support. I like the fact that they are versatile and you can wear them to work, to exercise, or to simply run errands.

These bras put up with my long days and I don't have to put up with uncomfortable underwires or bras that dig into my skin. The material is stretchy and soft, with two removable pads. I have worn these with all sorts of outfits, including dresses, tank tops, dress shirts, and more without any visibility issues or bra straps showing, as is the case when it comes to traditional bras. The straps are removable, so you could wear the Coobie bras strapless if you wanted!

Benefits of Coobie bras: 

  • Soft, stretchy materials 
  • You can sleep in them! 
  • Removable padding and straps 
  • Comfortable no matter the age range 
  • Sizes are versatile and fit anywhere from A range to D 
I've been wearing the Coobie bras now for 6+ months, and I will have to agree that these are the most comfortable bras I've ever come across. Not only do they provide support when I'm exercising, they don't leave marks, don't dig into my skin, and definitely don't cause any pain. I rarely do this, but I will be buying one in every color so that I have an entire week's worth to wear.

They have also lasted well in the wash. So far, no shrinking and no issues with the cup of the bras becoming misshapen. This happens frequently with other bras I own.

Coobie also sells sport bras, strapless bandeaus, camisoles, and other intimates. Check out what they have to offer on their site. They know a thing or two when it comes to making comfortable bras!

I received products from Coobie to conduct this review. All opinions are mine and are based on use of the products.

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