Thursday, February 20, 2014

Talking Anya Dress-up and Pet Puppies Phone App Review

Children are growing up in a world of fast-paced and ever-changing technology. When my daughter wants to play games on my phone, I will often make sure that the games are appropriate and there are no inappropriate ads being shown in the game.

I introduced my daughter to a smartphone app called Talking Anya. This is a free game app for your child. This fun game is for kids who like to play dress-up and create new looks with a digital doll. You can change Anya's clothing and hairstyles, as well as puppies your child can play with in the game. The puppies can also be dressed up, and can do tricks too!

Anya isn't just an ordinary dress-up girl. She will react to actions such as tickling. If you touch her hair, she will be sure to let you know how she feels about that! The company that created Talking Anya, Sprite Labs, put effort into making Anya fun and sassy. This app is highly interactive and engaging for young kids!

This is a fun and adorable app with different costume options. There are even seasonal options for Halloween and Christmas! When Anya starts to dance the macarena on the screen, my daughter starts dancing too. Not only is this a fun and free app, it encourages my daughter to express herself with confidence!

There are also options to play games with Anya, such as blowing bubbles. My daughter enjoyed this game very much, to the point where she was determined to pop all the bubbles. Anya will blow bubbles, and the purpose of the game is to pop as many bubbles on screen as possible.

Talking Anya is a user-friendly and kid-friendly app that I would highly recommend. She talks and says the cutest phrases! You can find Talking Anya by searching in the Itunes app store, or you can go to the app store here:

Talking Anya is a universal app and is available for the iPhone and iPad. Check out Talking Anya, it's free entertainment and fun for your kids!

All opinions expressed are based on my own actual use of the product.

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