Sunday, February 9, 2014

Qi Orthopedic Pillow Review

Ever since I started my new job last year, I have been feeling intense chronic back pain. The high-stress job, coupled with sitting for long hours at my desk have been causing problems with back strain. I also don't have adequate support with my computer chair, so I decided to look for a product that would help with my pain.

When I first saw the Qi pillow, I thought it was an ordinary throw pillow, but looks can be deceiving! There is one major difference with the Qi pillow. This pillow has an inflatable air-controlled device included inside the pillow that allows for adjusting the fit and comfort. This flexibility has proven useful over the last several weeks when I tested it out at work, around my house, and in the car.

The Qi orthopedic pillow is designed to alleviate symptoms of chronic back pain. It is as simple as blowing a few puffs of air into the air bag to position it properly for your preferences. Before adding air, I would suggest reading the instructional guide. It is recommended that the pillow not be inflated to the max with air.
After just three puffs of air, I found the pillow was more than adequate in providing the dynamic pressure needed to relax the muscles in my back.

Humans were not designed to sit for long periods of time. Our culture has shifted to one where sedentary sitting is common place, and the health problems we are experiencing have become a growing struggle to maintain.

During my commute to and from work, I used the Qi pillow in my car. It provides effective support in helping to relieve pressure in my back. I have noticed a drop in the frequency of my back pain over the last few weeks. The best part about this pillow is it helps me maintain correct posture when chairs do not provide ergonomic and effective back support.

The Qi pillow was founded by Patrick Lee, who was frustrated with his own back pain problems. I am a firm believer in products when they are genuinely designed to resolve a need, and there are so many back pain sufferers in our culture. I am relieved to finally find a product that works for my back pain!

I carry the Qi pillow with me to work, and I bring it home to use when I'm continuing to work at home. This affordable pillow comes in handy and once you get used to having it around, it is not easy to sit in ergonomically poor chairs and seats without being tempted to pull out my Qi pillow.

You can check out Qi pillow on Facebook for the latest updates, information, and promotions. I would highly recommend this product if, like me, you have tried nearly every product out there in hopes of relieving back pain. Give the Qi pillow a try, they are a huge hit on QVC and Amazon!

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All opinions reflect my own use of the product.


  1. I love that it looks just like any other throw pillow. I find a lot of these products are so ugly that you wouldn't want them on the couch, put this is cute. So glad to hear that it helped with your back issues as well!

  2. I want to try one of these- They look awesome!

  3. That is really cool. I have chronic lower back pain and this would be great.

    Michelle F.

  4. Wow, a comfy pillow that also adds to your decor!
    ~ Kimberly

  5. This is interesting! I've never seen a pillow quite like this before. I think it's neat that the pillow is functional but looks like a throw pillow.


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