Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tips for Dizziness, Low Energy, or Exhaustion

Do you often feel tired, low on energy, or dizzy? I recently found out that my iron levels were incredibly low. After bugging my doctors for an entire year, one of them finally had blood tests performed, which revealed low levels of iron and B12. One of my simple health issues was due to low iron and B12! The solution? I went to a drugstore, purchased iron, B12, and fish oil supplements, and have taken them everyday for one month.

The trick to taking iron supplements is to take the pill with vitamin C rich foods. The vitamin C will help your body absorb more of the iron. Orange juice will also work. Another trick I have read is to cook using iron skillets or pans. Women are more likely to have low iron because of that cycle each month. 

These were just brief tips, but I hope they were helpful to you! 

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