Thursday, October 3, 2013

Romwe 7.99 Sale

Fashion lovers! Here is another flash sale from Romwe for 48 hours, starting on Friday.

Grab some sweaters, cardigans, or leggings from $7.99 & up.

I love Romwe because they have free shipping on any item and any purchase, worldwide. 

Their stuff is also cute and it fits me. If you've ever had trouble finding clothes that fit, especially for petite ladies, this is definitely where to find affordable and fashionable items that fit.

Mark your calendars! This Romwe sale goes live on Friday and will last through the weekend only. 

Here is the sale link: Romwe Fashion


  1. I love their clothes! Thank you for sharing this deal

  2. I want to buy all their sweaters!!

  3. Love their free shipping, can't stand paying for it lol

  4. I love their peacoats, and the fact that their clothes actually fit me. I agree it's great for women who have a hard time finding clothes that fit

  5. I would love to score some new sweaters! Thanks!

  6. I've purchased from Romwe before, and have found their stuff to be affordable and fashionable. It's also great that I get these items and no one else has that exact shirt or pants, almost like a one of a kind just for me.

  7. I missed it this weekend. That's what I get for going camping!


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