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Fizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover Review

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My dog is a seven year old Chihuahua who is very active and loves attention. He also likes to create messes for me to clean. Seeing him at the end of a long work day is amazing; cleaning up his messes, not so much. The worst messes are the pee stains on the carpet. He does this out of habit and likes to do this in the same area once in awhile. It would be nice to not deal with cleaning these stains for once!

I have a hard time with cleaners currently on the market, since strong chemical smells trigger my headaches. I was looking for an alternative pet stain cleaner, when I came across Fizzion.

Fizzion has a pet stain and odor remover that is a non-toxic and earth-friendly concentrated cleaner. The dissolvable tablet, when added to water, creates a solution that lasts for over one year!

How it works: 
Drop a Fizzion tablet into a spray bottle of water. Once the tablet has dissolved, you can start using this on pet stains or other stains around your house.

I received a spray bottle with multiple packs of tablets. Once the tablet was dissolved, I tested this out on a corner of my carpet and the first thing I noticed was how quickly the urine smell was gone. It was fast! I sprayed 4 times, waited 5 minutes, and and blotted the carpet with old rags. My dog was curious and came over to check out the scene. He no longer seemed interested in relieving himself on my carpet!

Fizzion works by eliminating the uric acid crystals found in urine, which gets rid of that terrible urine smell. All you need to do is simply spray and blot. The stain is gone, and so is the smell!

Here is a spot on my carpet that I have not been able to remove with other cleaners:

Note the stain in the middle

I like this products for its ability to effectively remove stains and odors, without damaging my carpet. You can also use this on protein-based stains, such as wine or even chocolate! This product can be used on fabrics as well!

4 sprays of Fizzion cleaner to wet the carpet

I noticed that there is no strong chemical smell with this stain and odor remover. In fact, this was the first pet stain spray I used where I didn't gag and have to air out my house. You can definitely see the CO2 action going to work on stains.
After blotting and allowing to dry, the stain was gone

If you have a puppy and you are housetraining with pee pads, Fizzion would work well on eliminating the odors from the area that holds the pee pad. I have a training pad in the garage for a puppy we are fostering, and just 2-3 sprays eliminated the smell immediately.

I would highly recommend Fizzion because it is easy to make, easy to use, earth-friendly, is a multi-purpose product, and highly affordable!

Not to mention, the formula lasts more than one year. This product is reliable and great to have handy. I am also going to use this when food stains happen on my sofa!

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I received the following product to review. My opinions are based on actual use of the product.

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  1. Thanks I like the sound of this. I can't stand the stains that don't come out no matter what you do.


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