Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Romwe Fashion Review

Romwe sells trendy fashion apparel and accessories. I found this cool galaxy scarf on their site and I love it!

The scarf is sheer and see-through, but when you fold it multiple times it looks like a solid scarf. You can wear it short or long. This scarf is a great compliment to any outfit.

You can find the galaxy scarf here. They also have galaxy print shirts and leggings!

I also found this green tank top that is stretchy and very comfortable. This army green tank top also comes in other colors too. The fabric is soft and does not wrinkle easily.

This tank top conforms to your body shape and is the perfect top for exercising or just hanging out around the house. You can make this part of a formal outfit by pairing it with slacks and a long-sleeve shirt or jacket.

Romwe has a large selection of cute clothes and accessories. They even have jewelry and shoes that would look great with any outfit. Check out their selection of winter coats and boots!


  1. I love the color of the scarf but I love how long the tank top is. Really nice and long.

  2. That scarf is amazing! I love the colours! the name is perfect for it! I also love the length of the tank top! Its not often you find one that long!

  3. I love the scarf and you don't often find tanks that long! Neat!

  4. Cute combo, the scarf is gorgeous and the tank is long enough to use as a layering tank

  5. I love the scarf, it is so pretty..

  6. That scarf is so GORGEOUS! It would be so versatile!! :)


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