Thursday, July 26, 2012

Superfood Snacks Review

Superfood Snacks' organic snacks are a great alternative to greasy chips, sugary candies, and chemically processed foods. After trying Superfoods' energy nuggets, I've become hooked!

Superfood Snacks sent me Chocolate Goji Treats, Chocolate Cherry QI, Brazilian Chocolate Ecstacy, and Green Chocolate Dream to review. These energy nuggets are a healthy meal replacement packed with powerful nutrients and antioxidants.

Each flavor was distinct and these raw products tasted great, especially for vegans. Not only are their products certified organic, they are made without gluten, dairy, rice, soy, corn, or refined sugars. After trying these snacks for two weeks, I have consistently felt a natural boost of energy that has helped me get through my long days!

Superfood Snacks products are handcrafted out of ingredients such as berries, Brazil nuts, and even chia seeds.

At first glance, these energy nuggets look intimidating, but they are delicious! I've never had a snack that resembled anything like Superfood Snacks.

Don't let looks fool you though! One bite and you will be hooked.

These nuggets have become a vital part of my routine. When I start to feel low on energy, a quick munch on one of these and I feel more motivated to get through my day.

The Chocolate Goji treats are made from Goji berries, raw cacao, and clear agave nectar.
These nuggets have a distinct and powerful taste that does not overwhelm one's taste buds.

I have been eating one energy nugget during breakfast on each workday for two weeks and have seen a significant increase in energy, as well as a shift in my attitude and behaviors. I don't crave sugary snacks in the afternoon as much as I used to and I feel more positive energy during the day.

The ingredients and nutrients packed into one single nugget is incredible! The Chocolate Cherry Qi treats are made of cherries, cacao, clear agave nectar, pumpkin seeds, blue green algae, coconut, and much more. Who knew blue green algae could taste so good?

The Brazilian Chocolate Ecstacy treats are made from Brazil nuts, dried mango, hunza raisins, dried bananas, and so much more!

When I first opened the bag, all I could smell was the lingering scent of chocolate.

Raw cacao is the ingredient that all raw chocolate is made from, but there is no processed sugary sweet taste.

Eating this nugget was like eating a whirlwind of flavors, all blending smoothly to create one uniquely distinct taste.

Green Chocolate Dream had more of a chocolate taste, but I could also taste the blend of other ingredients in this product. Each bag that I have tried had a distinct, but delightful mix of flavors.


  • Natural energy booster 
  • No processed chemicals or refined sugars added 
  • Organic, vegan, raw 
  • Packaging made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to incorporate healthier snack options into their daily diet. Superfood Snacks' energy nuggets can be meal replacements. Rather than reach for that bagel and cream cheese, try one of these nuggets and you will feel more energized for your day!

Superfood Snacks are certified organic, vegan, and nutritious! This eco-friendly company not only makes snacks that are good for you, they produce packaging that does not harm the environment!

For more information on where and how to buy these snacks, please visit Superfood Snacks' website.

These energy nuggets would make great gifts for college students and for anyone who feels tired during the day. One bite and you'll feel a great boost of energy!

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