Friday, July 6, 2012

Shavewell Fogless Shower Mirror Review

Anyone who shaves in the shower knows how difficult it can be, especially with the shower steam and the risk of knicks and cuts that can happen. The Shavewell fogless shower mirror has been a useful addition to our home, for both shavers and non-shavers alike!

 The Shavewell Company sent me their fogless shower mirror to review. Initially, I thought the mirror would be too small and would become foggy like other shower mirrors that I've purchased and thrown away in the past. I've used the mirror for two weeks now and it has been much more useful than suction cup mirrors!

The mirror is simple to set up. The hook's back has an adhesive ready to be applied to your shower wall.

Be careful when applying the hook, because once that adhesive sticks, it's very strong and isn't easily adjustable.

This works out perfectly for me because I do not want my shower mirror falling and cracking.

The mirror is removable, which is how you get rid of the fog. Simply run it under your shower water, and hang it back on the wall. Simple as that!

This shower mirror has no suction cups to deal with, and no risk of falling to the floor. The mirror doesn't get foggy as often as other mirrors I've used in the past, but when it does, a simple rinse under some water and it's good as new!

This shower mirror is affordable and was so popular that it sold out in its first two weeks on Amazon! I hope they have more in stock soon, because my family and friends have been waiting for a few weeks to buy one.

This mirror is about the size of my hand.
My fiance has had an easier time shaving in the morning and I like being able to remove the mirror without worrying about falling suction cups.

I use this mirror when I'm applying face masks or face treatments in the shower.

Believe it or not, many women also shave their faces in the shower.
We are not all blessed with hair-free faces, and testimony from other women have revealed that their skin is smoother, and their face products absorb more easily after shaving.

Shaving in the shower is so much better than painful waxes, harsh chemical creams, and other skin-irritating hair removal methods.

I like this product concept and would recommend this mirror to anyone who needs an affordable shower mirror. For purchase information, visit The Shavewell Company's listing on Amazon.

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  1. I gave my son a bath once and I turned my back on him to get a towel. He squeezed half the bottle of shampoo down the drain. It was his way of helping me "clean" the bathtub drain :)

  2. I guess the funniest thing that heppened to me while shaving in the shower would be when eveything keeps falling down and my husband comes to see if I am o.k. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. It would gave to be always knocking something over.

  4. I don't really have anything funny happen when I shave :\

  5. I was doing my usual acrobatics in the shower, a.k.a trying to shave - and my neighbor walked in who was visiting my mom. He apparently didn't hear the shower, and wanted to use the bathroom. So embarrassing at the time, but we laugh about it now. xx

  6. Knocking things over and kids fighting so have to get out after only shaving one leg.

  7. I remember trying to shave my legs while being 37 weeks pregnant and I couldn't really even see my legs! It was quite comical.

  8. I don't really recall any funny shaving stories.


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