Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Revenge of the Vegetarian Book Review

I have been a vegetarian for 8 months and I don't hear the end of it from my family and friends. I've been teased by family members for being cowardly towards my eating preferences and the countless inconsiderate jabs get old fast. I believe it takes more strength and will power to not eat meat, especially when meat dominates grocery store aisles worldwide.

When I came across Revenge of the Vegetarian: A Humorous Spin on The World of Vegetarianism, by Jim Tilberry, I had a good laugh at the fun pokes at both vegetarians and meat eaters. Vegetarians, especially recent ones, understand how difficult it can be to navigate meals, social situations, and midnight snack dilemmas. Soy products become your best friend.

I've never liked dairy milk, so replacing this with soy milk/almond milk/non-dairy milk was easy for me. I can't stand the thought of drinking breast milk from a pregnant cow (impregnated every year to produce milk). Imagine being pregnant every year of your life, and being squeezed for milk on a daily basis, then getting slaughtered on a conveyor belt for human consumption. Don't push your pro-meat eating ways on me, and I won't push my anti-meat beliefs on you, simple as that.

I found the 11 types of vegetarians listed in this book to be a revelant application to my workplace environment. I have encountered these types so far:

"Pesco Pollo Vegetarian: One who eats fish and chicken, and calls himself a vegetarian with a straight face"
(My coworker believes chicken and fish aren't "real meat" because it's not red)

"White meat and Bacon Vegetarian: One who has made the supreme sacrifice of giving up liver"
(Another coworker eats meat all the time, but around me they point out how much they don't like meat; I call this the veggie conformist approach)

This book also provides reasons to become a vegetarian, social situations, gift buying for vegetarians, and even dead vegetarians speaking beyond the grave. This is all written with a twist of humor, which is much appreciated for those of us who have been struggling to adapt to a meat-free lifestyle in a meat-filled world.

I would recommend this book, especially to those who are new to the veggies-only diet. It's an easy read and a great entertaining gift item for vegetarians. You can find Jim Tilberry's book on

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