Friday, June 1, 2012

Simple Ways to Make Money

I've written about various ways to earn some extra cash in the past, but I wanted to share two of my experiences for those who haven't seen these simple ways to earn money.

1. Surveys: One site I highly recommend is Pinecone Research. They are selective, but once you are approved, the payout is simple and fast. Pinecone pays $3 for each survey you complete. Initially, I received checks that always arrived within one week from survey completions. Now I have Paypal with them and I am paid the next day. The surveys are interesting, fun, and there are often product review opportunities.

Sites I don't recommend are Focus Line Surveys, Opinion Outpost, Mysurvey, and now Global Opinion Panels. These three sites, although they do pay when you reach their threshold, are slow at processing payments. The survey experience is terrible and there is nothing worse than completing a survey, getting to the final screen to submit, and an error message appears. Any site that makes me wait 2-4 months for a $5 check is not worth my time. 

2. Smartphone apps: There are several apps you can download on your phone that will earn you money, gift cards, or prizes. Use them in your spare time and the points for cash and prizes add up quickly.

The Clover app pays you $5 for every friend you refer, but they also receive $5. You can cash out via Paypal and it is also a useful app. You can pay anyone back without the hassle of fees like Paypal.

If you haven't seen my post on Free iPhone Apps That Earn Money/Gift Cards, check it out!

If you would like more simple money-making tips, leave a comment below letting me know.


  1. I am curious about more smartphone apps to earn money. The few I have tried haven't worked out for me.
    I have been with pinecone for years and LOVE them.

  2. I have done Pinecone for years and they are a reliable way to earn a few extra dollars. Some of the points sites add up too. I keep my Amazon gift cards and let them add up for the holidays. I have never tried smartphone apps to earn money. These are good ways to get some extra cash to tuck in savings.


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