Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tips for New Bloggers: Facebook Etiquette and Linky List

I recently had an unpleasant encounter with a new blogger who would post her giveaways on my page every few days. This went on for several months and every time, I would delete them from my Facebook page. She is not a fan on my page, does not follow me on Twitter, and is not a visitor of my blog. She also has had no interaction with me and has never asked for permission to post her giveaways.

I kindly asked her to stop posting her giveaways on my Facebook page, and to use my giveaway linky or google search for linkies if she wanted to promote her giveaways. She sent me several nasty messages in response and harassed me until my Facebook fans and bloggers from my groups demanded for her to stop.

As a note to anyone new in the blogging world, never act unprofessional towards another blogger. They may belong to several blog group networks and you can earn yourself a bad reputation in the blogging world. This will, in turn, prevent you from having access to the benefits of blogging and other bloggers will not work with you in the future. Readers will also remember your page and will not support you.

Why is posting your giveaways on another blogger's Facebook page without asking first considered rude? If you think about it, bloggers work hard to build their page and fans. Each blogger's page is a place meant for their giveaways and their interactions with fans.

Consider putting yourself in that blogger's shoes: after working so hard to earn that number of fans and after hard work day in and day out putting together their reviews and giveaways, how would you feel if someone randomly stopped by your page every other day to post several links to their page? In my opinion, this is getting a free ride without putting in the work.

There are plenty of opportunities for new bloggers (and all bloggers in general) to promote their giveaways. For example, there are thousands of sites that have giveaway linkies. A giveaway linky is a place where all bloggers can post their giveaways.

Readers are a fan of linkies because there are so many giveaways all in one place. I often enter giveaways from giveaway linkies. There are just so many blog giveaways out there that it can be difficult to keep track of each blogger's giveaways.

Linkies are a higher traffic source than posting giveaways on individual FB fan pages because you can reach fans that may not pay attention to postings on Facebook.

Here are a few giveaway promotion sites that I use:

Giveaway Guru's ongoing linky (for all giveaways)

The lessons here are:

DON'T post your giveaways on Facebook fan pages without permission from the owner
DON'T harass a blogger when they kindly ask you to stop posting your giveaways on their page
DO use giveaway linkies to promote your giveaways
DO ask first if you absolutely want to post a giveaway to a blogger's fan page

Many bloggers will often open up a thread on their page for anyone to list their giveaways. These are great opportunities! Remember to be mindful of others and help maintain courtesy and respect for everyone in the blogging world.

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  1. I am glad that you posted this. Of course I would not post on another bloggers FB page, myself. Usually, I have seen that bloggers would post other giveaways on their FB page. However, they themselves would do the post, and usually they are really good friends. The world of blogging is about networking and helping others, and I am truly sorry that someone would do that to you.


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