Monday, April 16, 2012

Sallie Mae - The WORST Lender Ever!

I know this blog is primarily for product reviews and giveaways, but I wanted to share an honest review of a company by the name of Sallie Mae. Back in college, I signed up for private student loans with Sallie Mae and I have had the rudest, most disrespectful experiences with them! Out of the seven years that I have been paying them back, I have contacted customer service three times. I avoid dealing with their customer service at all costs!

Each time has been worse than the last. I have had it up to here with customer service reps who think they have the right to disrespect hard-working Americans who are responsible and make loan payments every month. I very rarely contact them, and when I do I hate it! I don't understand these Sallie Mae reps! If you hate your job that much, quit and go work at McDonald's! Actually, don't, because I've had far better service from the hard workers at McDonald's!

I never once gave them an attitude when I spoke with them. I have never raised my voice or did anything to warrant such a negative experience. Today I called to ask why there was a late payment notice on my account, when my last payment exceeded the minimum payment. Here is the guy's response: "I don't know how you thought you could get away with trying to pay more when you paid less." What?? You managed to insult me by accusing me of something, and not answer my question at the same time!

Sallie Mae, you are one of the worst companies in the world. For all you college students out there, please know that Sallie Mae will treat you like dirt even if you pay your bill every month and on time. I am so tired of poor service from this company and will never recommend them to anyone! This is the final straw. I don't care if I break my bones to pay you back, I will triple my monthly payments to lessen the interest I have to pay you. 

I will cut corners with coupons, live off canned soup, and make the 99 cent store my one stop shop until I pay you back. But, by the time I'm done paying you back I'm sure you will not let me off the hook that easily. If it's one thing you can count on with this company, it's piss-poor service.

Sallie Mae Sucks, Inc.

Update: October 19, 2013

Since I was so fed up with them, I vowed to make the highest payments each month and I've continued to do so since this posting. What would have taken me 15+ years to pay (if I stuck with their payment schedule) will now be paid off in 1 year and 5 months.

Don't feel discouraged if you have student loans to pay back. We make sacrifices to further our education, careers, and quality of life. I am at a point in my life where I have a decent paying job.

My advice: Never pay the minimum amount for any loan. Always pay more each month, and keep that number consistent. For example, make$500 payments each month. In 2 months you will have paid $1000, and over time, you will see your loans shrink.


  1. I have a loan through them and have been paying for 7 years and the loan amount has only dropped down by 500.00. They take so much in interest and this type of loan cannot be deffered now that I am back in school and it cannot be sold. This company is a loan shark, but of course that's allowed because of who issued the loan.

    1. My advice to anyone with student loans is never pay the minimum amount. Always pay more than that. My payments should be $161 per month, but I've been making $500 payments each month and last year I reduced the loan by $4,000.

      I agree they are loan sharks. I sacrifice other needs in my life so I can make those hard $500 payments each month, but I should be able to pay them off within 4 years now, versus the 20+ years on their "minimum payment" plan.

      Best of luck in getting rid of your SM loan!


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