Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Blog Hunt is Live!

- Easter Blog Hunt - 

1. I will give you the first clue that will lead you to your first letter
2. Each letter you find will form a few words
3. Once you find your last clue for the last word, there will be a link
4. Click the link and submit your name and email
5. The first person to submit their information wins a $30 Amazon gift card
6. The second person will win a runner-up prize for a $10 Amazon gift card

Note: You MUST find the last clue and finish the last word to get the link. The link form uses real-time and tracks submissions as they are received. 

Any submission with word guesses or blatant cheating will result in disqualification and banned for fraud.

Have fun and good luck!

All clues are from my blog posts in 2012.

First clue can be found in my blog archive that lists my "Vegan - Egg - Breakfast - Sunday" post.

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