Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time-Saving Beauty Tips: Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever wondered how some women have the most dramatic looking eyelashes? While some women are born with beautiful eyelashes, most of us do not have naturally curly or dramatic-looking lashes.

Eyelash extensions have been increasing in popularity over the past few years. As women, we are constantly on the go, but we also have societal expectations to look our best when we're doing a million things during our day. 

For many of us, eyeliner and mascara have become a way of life. However, if you are a constant eyeliner and mascara wearer like me, you know how time-consuming this is in the morning and most days saving time is crucial.

I looked into eyelash extensions last year as a way to save time in the morning and I was getting tired of applying eyeliner and mascara day in and day out. There are many beauty-enhancing methods out there, but as long as you are enhancing your natural beauty with methods you are comfortable with and that are not harmful to your health, then I don't see any problems with it.

My experience with eyelash extensions have been, for the most part, positive. Since last year, I have had four eyelash extension applications. The most important tip I have for anyone interested in getting extensions is to find someone who is certified, professional, and has nothing but positive reviews from other clients!

I have been seeing a Novalash certified expert for the past year. There are different kinds of eyelashes, and it all depends on your preferences. For me, Novalash works with my eyes because I have weak, straight-down-to-the-ground lashes and they are able to hold the Novalash extensions very well.

The process is simple. The eyelash beautician applies one lash to each of your lashes, which takes anywhere from 1 - 1.5 hours. After your lashes are applied, do not get them wet for at least 12 hours. To preserve mine, I don't get them wet for 48 hours. 

Eyelash extensions can last anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks depending on your lashes, what type you get, and what kind of job your beautician does. You can choose from a variety of lashes, which range from natural to more dramatic or curly. 

As with all beauty treatments, some individuals may have an allergic reaction to the glue that is used. I am an all-around sensitive person, but haven't had any reactions. It's always best to ask the beautician if they offer a glue for sensitive people. 

Keep in mind that how long your lashes last will depend on your natural lash cycle. When your natural eyelash falls out, so does the eyelash extension. On occasion, I will feel an itching sensation with my lashes. 

A word of advice: DO NOT get cluster lashes. I had a beautician do this to me without letting me know and they fell off in clumps. Not only was this extremely irritating and made my eyes itchy, there were times where one lash would fall off, while the other hung on for dear life.

Eyelash extensions can be costly; each appointment costs me approximately $150, but this is worth it because it takes at least 30 minutes out of my prep time in the morning. I also am not applying the gunk from eyeliner and mascara to my eyes. 

Eyelash extensions last anywhere from 2-3 months for me. Time is valuable to me since I work 3 jobs, so if time is more important to you than money, I would recommend getting eyelash extensions. 

To sum it up:


- Simple and easy to maintain
- Saves time 
- Enhances your natural beauty
- You can change the look and style of your lashes (natural, dramatic, curly)
- No need to apply eyeliner or mascara


- For high quality lashes, can be expensive
- May not last long depending on your natural lash cycle
- Some may have a reaction to the glue that is used
- Can cause irritation or an itchy sensation for your eyes

Please remember to find a trusted expert for eyelash extensions and DO NOT find cheaper alternatives. I have heard from countless women how their natural lashes were ruined, or a sloppy job clumped their eyelashes together. Eyelash removal is very painful if you choose to have them removed, so think about what is best for you first.

As women we deserve to look and feel our best through whichever methods we like. If you have any questions about eyelash extensions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will respond!


  1. I get eyelash extensions every couple months and maintain them with visits to my salon person in between. Saves me so much time in the morning when I have 3 kids to get ready for school!

  2. This article is so helpful. I heard of lash extensions, but was in the dark about the specifics. Thanks for your candid reviews and tips.


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