Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creative Crafts: Origami Lily

How To Fold an Origami Flower - Lily

Here is a fun creative craft idea for Valentine's Day or on a nice Sunday like today with the kids.

Steps 1-6:
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Fold a square shape by taking one edge and folding it to form a triangle. Tear off the bottom part of the paper

Once you have your square, take one corner and fold it so the paper has an "X" shape. Crease the lines.

Fold the paper in half and then in half in the other direction, so you have an "X" and "+" lines.

Steps 7-11:

Pick up the piece of paper and push the sides in so that all 4 triangle sides are pushed inwards.

Flatten out the shape.

 Push the sides down to get a diamond shape.

Take one flap and fold it inwards. Do the same for all 4 flaps.

It should look like this after you've folded all the flaps.

Steps 12- 17:

After folding all the flaps, unfold so it looks like a small square again.

Take one of the sides and pop it outwards. Fold it down to form the shape below.

Fold the right side flap over, and then repeat the previous step on the other 3 sides. Pop one side out, fold it down, and then push the right side of the flap to the left so that the right side flap is sitting on top of the left side flap.

After folding the right side flaps over, you should have this shape.

Fold the flaps of this shape inwards towards the center line and do this for all sides.

Unfold the flaps and pop the two sides in so you have a flat edge shape.

Steps 18-21:

Fold the sides of that flat edge inwards so you have a diamond shape again for all sides.

Fold the flaps over so that diamond isn't showing for all sides.

 Next, take the edges of each side and fold them towards the center line. Do this for all sides.

Pull the top layers downwards to form your petals. You just made an origami flower! 

You can leave the petal edges straight or use a pencil to curl them for a more rounder-looking flower. 
If you want to add a stem, simply roll a strip of paper to form and tape it to the bottom of the flower.



  1. Stopping by to say Hi from The Coupon Sweeper.

  2. Lyly,
    Thanks for sharing this! I have recently developed an interest in origami! I am going to do this tonight! :)


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