Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Apps That Earn Gift Cards and Money

There are tons of free and useful apps that will earn you money and gift cards. Why not take a few minutes out of your day with the following smartphone apps to make some money, or earn prizes such as gift cards from Amazon, Macy's, or Target?

1. Shopkick

Walk-in: This shopping app gives points for walking into certain stores. Walk into the store, open the app, and collect the points. Simple as that! You don't need to make any purchases. 

They have had walk-in promotions where you can receive 200 or 300 walk-in points. That easily adds up, especially when you're going to stores you would be shopping at anyway.

Barcode Scans: Scan listed products while in the store to collect even more points.

Collect points by finding stars hidden in the lookbooks within each store. These stars are either points or bonus items. If you collect one set of bonus items (one set has 3 different bonus items), you get more points!

Redeem points for:

Gift cards 
Target, Starbucks, Best Buy, Macy's, Old Navy, CVS, Lowe's, Sports Authority, and much more.
($2= 500 kicks, $5=1250 kicks)
-Many more prizes listed under the gift icon-

Use this link to get bonus points after downloading the app.

2. Ibotta

I've been using Ibotta for over a year now and I've earned $120.75 so far. Ibotta is like having coupons on your phone, without the hassle of clipping them or using them in the store.

Download this app using someone's referral link and you will get $2 for free after you redeem your first coupon offer.

How it works: There are products in your offers list (medicine, groceries, beverages) and when you buy that product at the store, you take a picture of your receipt and Ibotta gives you money. Each product has a different money back amount.

For example, there was an offer for Listerine Pocketpacks where you could earn $1.25 back. If you buy the Pocketpacks at the store for $3.99, you would actually be paying $2.74 for it. If you use coupons at the store, you would save even more money. CVS had a $2 extra cash back on Pocketpacks last month, so I ended up paying only 74 cents!

Ibotta pays immediately by Paypal. The minimum amount to cash out is $5.

You can sign up using this link or there are tons of sign-up links listed in the app store comments too.

Sign up during their bonus times and you will get free money in your account after your first coupon redemption.

This app is simple to use. Take pictures of your grocery, drug store, pet store or dollar store receipts and get coins for each receipt. 1000 coins = $5 payout via PayPal

Receipts under $10 receive 5 coins, $10-50 receive 10 coins, and anything over that receives 15 coins. You also receive free "slot machine" spins where you win a good number of coins.

They also offer scanning products from your receipts for additional coins too. I've made $25 so far just by taking pictures of my receipts. If you shop often, this should be your go to app!

You can use my referral link if you'd like: Receipt Hog App

Also, check out my post on simple and legitimate ways to make money here.


  1. Cool, thanks!
    Shared with friend too.
    still waiting on the bonus points, but awesome to earn cash and product none the less!


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